Engineering Growth in the Built Environment

Construction requires absolute precision, from products to processes. When you're building environments that protect, enable, comfort, and inspire people, everything you do has to be right. Every time.

To compete and win in today's construction environment, while protecting your customers and your business along the way, you need continuous innovation and reduction of waste and errors, but without high risk.


By combining Jobs-To-Be-Done innovation theory and Lean Six Sigma engineering process, I enable you to dramatically reduce the cost, time, and risk of successfully developing and improving the products, services, and processes that fuel your growth.

Reduced Risk

My Lean Six Sigma-based methods utilize data and a scientific process to reduce variability in everything you do, from administration and operations to innovation and strategy. The result is dramatically reduced risk of failure, as your every move is based on hard data, rather than guesswork.

Reduced Time to Market

My process eliminates months (sometimes years) of the typical random brainstorming, idea evaluation, market sizing, subjective VOC research, and development of dead-end concepts.

Typical Client Results

What You Can Expect From Partnering with Me

Increased Profit

By optimizing your processes through data-driven engineering, you will be able to increase your capacity and produce products and services faster, resulting in higher profits.

Reduced Innovation Cost

You'll save all the wasted cost associated with evaluating, researching, developing and market testing all those unfocused ideas.

Increased Efficiency

I utilize Six Sigma methods to create efficient, standardized, repeatable processes, enabling you to scale faster and reallocate freed up resources to achieve greater returns.

Increased Innovation Success Rates

Because the opportunities are quantified with objective data, you'll know before you even start development that you're working on true unmet needs. So your innovation success rate will skyrocket to up to 5X the normal rate.

Reduced Waste

By applying Lean principles in a customized way to your business processes, I'll help you eliminate hidden sources of waste, contributing to further cost and time savings in providing value to your customers.


Client Testimonials

Da Vinci Consulting has been a huge help in our analysis of the market and potential solutions. Innovative, Customer-Centered, and Bottom Line Focused. If your company or industry is looking at a change, whether you are looking for new opportunities to grow or being forced to change by external market conditions, I highly recommend getting in touch with Da Vinci.

Jim Browning, Arbor Valley Nursery