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The Engineerovation™ Renaissance Man

I'm an experienced executive and consultant with over 20 years of background driving growth through innovation, process optimization, strategy, and business development. Over the course of my career focused on technical innovation in the construction and building products industry, I have become adept at overcoming complex challenges and creating opportunities through new products, applications, markets, and partnerships.

Holding engineering and MBA degrees, I offer unique value in synthesizing the technical and commercial aspects of a business to create sustainable business growth.

As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Outcome-Driven Innovation® Practitioner with training in Jobs-To-Be-Done and Systems Thinking, I have a deep passion for helping my clients apply engineering principles and analytical processes to create and sustain explosive growth.

I am also an accomplished and impactful public speaker and trainer, having delivered thousands of hours of speeches, presentations, and classes.

Comfortable and effective in both the boardroom and the factory, I confidently solve a wide variety of commercial and technical problems for my clients. Having worked with companies ranging from startups to Global 100 multinationals, I am recognized for aligning cross-functional teams at the intersection of business and technology, producing top- and bottom-line results.

My work has resulted in millions of dollars in new product and service development, efficiency gains, market share growth, and profitable revenue increases for my clients.

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