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Package Includes:

Workspace Organization Secrets

This masterclass makes it easy to look over my shoulder as I organize a workspace, follow along and organize your space as you watch me do it, and get your workspace organized quickly and correctly.

 Unneeded Item Disposal Guide

This tool makes it easy to identify options for disposing of unneeded items from your workspace, quickly determine the highest-value way to dispose of unneeded items, and get maximum value for the items you're disposing of.

 Client Results Interviews

This audio resource makes it easy to see how Workspace Organization Secrets has worked for others like you, easily apply these lessons to your situation, and deeply understand the power of the Workspace Organization principles.

 Item Logging Tool

This software tool makes it easy to take inventory of all the items in your workspace, efficiently determine which items to keep and what to do with the unneeded items, and know that every item in your workspace adds value to your work.

 My Favorite Organization Tools Guide

This resource makes it easy to find tools you could use to help organize your workspace, quickly acquire all the tools you need to organize your workspace, and have a workspace organization system with no compromises.

Workspace Organization Secrets Masterclass

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$1,999.00Sale Price
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