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Lean Six Sigma Process Design & Optimization

Less waste, fewer errors, lower costs, higher output and increased profits

I implement Lean Six Sigma process design and optimization methods to help you confidently develop and improve any business process, from payroll and accounts receivable to prefabrication and site assembly.

Lean, Jobs-To-Be-Done Innovation

Faster, less expensive, lower-risk improvement

Engineerovation™ combines Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) Innovation Theory with Lean Six Sigma (LSS) engineering methods. The result is a data-driven, scientific approach that dramatically reduces the time, cost, and risk of product, service, or business model innovation.


Focused Ideation

Every idea is a winner

When you start with a data-driven, jobs-based needs gathering and quantification process, generating winning ideas for innovation becomes straightforward. Instead of "hand-carving" solutions with scattershot brainstorming, you'll be able to precision-craft successful products and services with the "CNC machine" of focused ideation.

Advisory Services

Anytime access to the expertise you need to succeed

Engaging training in ideation, innovation and process improvement

If you just need to get your people up to speed on the most effective methods and mindsets for process improvement and innovation, I can provide a customized workshop for your team.

Keynote Speeches

Inspiration and education

Sometimes a leader needs access to the expertise of an objective, experienced, and skilled third-party advisor to provide the guidance necessary to keep the operation running smoothly. I will serve as an expert sounding board and coach to you and your inner circle.

I've delivered thousands of hours of engaging and effective speeches, trainings, classes and presentations over the course of my career. I will provide a customized address on the topic of your choice to inspire, educate, and motivate your team or group.

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